Our Specialization

We are specialised in providing PVC Profiles and biddings of various shape, size and colour as per client’s requirements. Along with that we produce PVC Panels of various size and colour. We are also into manufacturing of  aluminium window, door gasket and door guards for small vehicles.


Size is a crucial parameter various clients have different requirements. We have world class machinery of ensuring that our clients get what they require.


Color is important parameter as it ensures aesthetics of overall product in various condition. Precision in having the required colour is always maintained.


We deal with a lot of shapes as per request. Necessary arrangements have been made ensuring that maximum shapes are covered as per requirement.


We use latest Standard PVC raw material which is very environmental friendly thus discharging our duty towards healthier environment.


We ensure that our work is done within stipulated time frame as per client's request. Care is taken not to hurt their business with delays.


We work and take necessary steps to suite budget of our clients.


We work continuously to deliver quality products to our clients.

PVC Profiles & Beadings

We deliver a great range of the above product as per the requirements of the client, Request may include dimension, Colour and material used.Product goes in transport bodybuilding and many more. We also make car door guard.

PVC Gaskets

We deliver variety of the gaskets. Which goes into aluminium window door, Refrigerator and also industry purpose

Waste PVC scrap

We manufacture a variety of PVC products due to which we have a great supply of scrap PVC.

PVC Panel

We are planning in moving into the product shortly.

We Provide the Best of products in Industry​

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